HELLO – New Blogger Alert!

Hello, everyone! I am SO excited to finally be achieving one of my many goals for 2021 – starting a blog! I have been feeling in my spirit that I need to start documenting and reflecting on my life through some sort of media, yet I was trying to figure out what would be the best way to do so. I thought about a vlog (which I am still not opposed to starting up but I would need to become an expert at video editing software), and I thought about a podcast since apparently I like to talk a lot! I even took to Twitter a few months ago and created a poll to help me decide what I should use to reach folks. I THINK that podcasting might have won, so I will surely be revisiting this soon. However, I always had a passion for writing. I always wrote too dang much in school and in my free time, whether that was creating fictional stories as a kid or going pages past the page limit in my school essays. I actually attempted a blog once when I was in high school, but I believe that I quickly quit my blog because I felt as if I was too busy to continue it (to think that I didn’t have time to write in high school, what a time). But I am BACK on this platform – grown and more interesting than before (at least I’d like to think I am).

I want to preface my first post with the goal of my blog. I am merely a Black gal out here wanting to share with you all my life adventures, reflections, thoughts, and vibes. My original plan was to begin this blog right at the beginning of my journey as an occupational therapy student, which I will be embarking on in mid-2021. However, 2021 will be my continual journey of self-elevation, so I figured, why not start now?

I hope that by reading my words, y’all are able to connect with me in different facets of your life, laugh with me (or at me, lol!), and reflect with me. I don’t necessarily have a particular topic as of right now that I will continuously be writing about, but who knows what I will decide to hone in on in the mere future.

Thank you for taking the time to read my words!

Peace and love,


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