Black Is Beautiful Mini Blog Series – Health Care Edition COMING UP!

Hello, Renrenspeakers! I hope everyone is doing beautifully thus far! HAPPY BLACK HISTORY MONTH! Again, every day should be a celebration of Blackness because Black is always beautiful even if the world tries to tell us otherwise. We are BACK with the popular Black is Beautiful mini blog series! Black is Beautiful is a mini blog series that I started last year highlighting some of the stories, journey, and accomplishments of Black individuals who continuously inspire me and the greater community. This time around, the Black is Beautiful mini blog series will be health care edition! I have a very exciting platform of Black interviewees in various health professions that I am so blessed to be acquainted with and to see flourish into influential individuals. 

SO, stay tuned! Every Saturday in February, I will be showcasing a new person on my blog! They will be sharing why their Black is beautiful, how they have navigated their journey in health care as a Black person, and gems and projects they are currently working on or have accomplished. Show your support by reading about their stories and connecting with them! 

The first post will be going live on Saturday, February 4th! So SUBSCRIBE to the blog so you don’t miss a notification! I am so pumped to showcase these blog interviews with you all this month! The line up is FIRE!

I hope that this mini blog series is an opportunity to connect with Black people in health care who are passionate about their communities and are making a change in the world. More importantly, I hope that you glean from this series that Black people are so diverse, successful, ambitious, and joyful. We deserve to be celebrated in a positive light. 

Again, Happy Black History Month! Support Black-owned businesses, buy us some lunch or a drink, send us some money, and show us agape love! 

ALSO, new announcement alert! Renrenspeaks is on Instagram now as @renrenspeaks, so follow me there to get the latest updates and show some support!

Peace and love,


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