Occupational Therapy Speaks: Mini-Blog Series Loading!

Hello, friends! Happy first day of Occupational Therapy (OT) Month! This is a beautiful month for our profession. Though we should be celebrating and advocating for OT all day every day, this month augments our profession even more. That being said, I have a special announcement for you all! I bet y’all were wondering what the NEXT mini-blog series I would be hosting would be about, huh? đŸ˜‰ No worries – I am back with more content for you!

To celebrate the beauty and diversity of occupational therapy this month, I will be kicking off a new mini-blog series called Occupational Therapy Speaks, highlighting a new person on my blog every Saturday! These incredible individuals will be sharing their experiences and love for this profession. So tune in to support each individual showcased on the blog this month and read their amazing stories!

I hope that y’all are as excited as me to learn more about the profession through the lens of some fabulous folks currently transforming occupational therapy!

Peace and love,


*Note: cover image can be found here

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