Black is Beautiful Mini Blog Series Part 3: Meet DESTINE!

Hello, friends! Happy Saturday! You know what time it is – the third amazing individual who will be blessing us with her presence on the Black Is Beautiful mini blog series for this month is here! Meet DESTINE! Before we delve into the interview, I must share a bit about my friend!

This lovely soul and I have been family friends for YEARS – like I mean our families have known each other forever. We both share an enriching, vibrant, Congolese culture. We have very similar upbringings and relatable stories that we both share on a personal level growing up as the children of Congolese immigrants. I remember when going on our family trips to NorCal, I made it a point to stop by her house to relive all of the fun memories that we would have whenever we visited Destine and her family. That includes playing ruthless rounds of Uno games that never seemed to end with my siblings as well as Destine and her siblings. Though we are physically far, I appreciate the continuous love that Destine continues to radiate and pour into my spirit all of the time.

IreneWhat are your name and pronouns? Give us a quick synopsis of who YOU ARE!

Destine: My name is Destine Kyubwa (she/her). I am a creative, poet, lover, entrepreneur, and so much more! Within those curated identities, I’m a child of God to my core. Moving from that place spills into every aspect of my life. My will and purpose come from watering the seeds that have been planted in me since birth. My etheric calling began a few years ago when I dove into the wellness and spirituality world. With my deep passion for self-development, I’ve had the honor of utilizing my Marketing Degree with social media; more specifically Instagram and my email newsletter. I wholeheartedly cherish connecting with community online but also nurturing the safe spaces around me in real life. If I could describe myself in one word, I’d use intentional. Self-expression is everything to me! Getting the message out about living life fully and authentically brings me so much joy. (:

IreneChoose THREE words that come to mind when you define “Blackness”. Define each word in its relationship to Blackness. Why did you choose these three words?


The first word I’d use that comes to mind defining “Blackness” would be rich! Being a melanin-rich person is a miracle! It’s a beautiful reminder that we were created by the hands of the Divine. I’ll forever remember the words from Bob Marley, “my richness is life, forever.” I always write about the notion that liberation is found where love is. Over the past few years, as a melanated woman – I rest in the knowing that living life can be a form of revolution. Living can be what creates the vision! From our presence, we build. From our will, we create the world we wish to see with respect to the past. Melanin absorbs sunlight. It coats every cell in our bodies. It’s literally an amino acid. Melanin-rich individuals are basically coated with the essence of life. What isn’t rich about that? I love us. Lol.

The second word that comes to mind is rooted. There is just something magical about hair that defies gravity. Beyond our physical attributes, I’d like to believe our “Blackness” is spiritual. How tethered are we to our purpose? How firm are we about living life on the terms of unshakable faith? How confident are we in our ability to break free from the perceived limitations of our “struggle?” We are strong, even when we are soft. To be rooted, is to be difficult to destroy. Our longevity in this material world comes from the spiritual roots we water as well. 

The third word that comes to mind is creative. Melanated creatives make the world go round! Our “Blackness” can especially be found in our joy. If you’ve been following me on Instagram, y’all know I’m so dang passionate about the power and beauty that comes from creating! Creating heals, transmutes pain and I can confidently say, sustains. Whether you find joy in poetry, creating content, dancing, singing, writing, designing, anything really – you can deepen your love for yourself or your journey in ways that are indescribable to others. Our ancestors sang. They most definitely moved their bodies. Your darkness or pain can be the breeding ground of creation. We transmute, transform, then remember our essence and the truth of Yahweh love. Creation can be a form of worship when upholding the will of God. It’s the way in which we serve our gifts to the world. I’m so honored to witness the beautiful creations made from melanated beings daily.

IreneWhat is the MOST beautiful thing about being Black to you?

Destine: The most beautiful thing about being Black to me is my heart. Living life in accordance with spirit is a blessing. I know true beauty can be found internally beyond my lovely complexion. I also know the uniqueness of God’s work is miraculous. Love rests in places that are unseen to the human eye. I strongly believe our hearts, our souls calling is what makes life, life. One beautiful masterpiece.

IreneHow do you uplift your Blackness on a regular basis?

Destine: I uplift my Blackness through connecting to my roots. I’ve had the blessing of growing up in a big family and spending a majority of my younger years around my Grandparents. Connecting to Congolese food, music, and trying to learn my native language has been a blessing forever ingrained within my heart. Getting protective styles done by my mom, friends and aunties consistently, has given me the opportunity to love my hair and grow in confidence with my crown. I personally keep my blackness beautiful by prioritizing what makes me feel real, raw, and true. Oftentimes that means wearing my hair natural and wearing less makeup on a regular basis. Freedom can be found when we disconnect from what the world tells us to be and focus on what God has called us to be!

IreneWhat is one of your favorite songs that fit/exemplifies that Black is Beautiful?

Destine: SO. I found this song during fall of 2021 and I’ve been an avid listener of Maverick City Music for a while now. This particular song exemplifies the beauty in Blackness because it’s all about uplifting our uniqueness and God at the same time! If you love gospel music, you’ll love “Pretty Brown Skin” by Maverick City Music (featuring EUGENE KIING & Mav City Gospel Choir). 

Here are some lyrics to get a little feel of the magic. 

Pretty, brown skin

Pretty, light skin

Pretty, dark skin

I see African written in your DNA

Hello choco-melanin from the motherland

With your black skin

Never should you want it any other way

This is for them queens that’s rocking ’em kinky twist (Ooh, ooh, ooh)

From box braids to bantu knots and full lips (Ooh, ooh)

Them dreadlocks, crochets, afros and real hips (Ooh, ooh, ooh)

Them pom-poms and sew-ins with edges that’s real slick (Ooh, ooh)

Now catch this (Ooh, ooh, ooh)

Your black presence is necessary

“Your black presence is necessary.” Yes. Sometimes it’s hard for me to fully grasp the miracle that is our existence. This morning while reading Isaiah 40:28 – 31, I realized once again how powerful God is! The “creator of the ends of earth” loves us, created us, and has plans to prosper us. I was reminded that the power of God is “unsearchable.” If there is one message you get from this blog, I just want to remind you – even if the world doesn’t love you for you, God does! I love you. I pray these words find you well.

IreneHow can we support a fellow amazing Black person like yourself? Do you have any projects, businesses, creations, etc. that you are working on that you would like to speak briefly about and/or that we can support?

Destine: Thank you so much for asking Irene! I have seriously enjoyed my time answering these questions. You can support me through engaging with my work online and joining my newsletter for a more intimate space of faith-based writing. The newsletter is of course free of charge. It’s filled with inspirational journal prompts and just about anything God puts on my heart to share. If you resonated with my answered questions during our time here, you’ll resonate with the newsletter!

Oh my goodness! I have really exciting news to announce soon on IG but this space will be the first to hear. 🙂 I am a soon-to-be published author! I’ve been watering this seed for years now. It’s a poetry book filled with all kinds of spiritual depth and wisdom about scared rebirths. My Instagram will be the first place I announce it. @destinesunshine_

I would also love to add that my 1:1 coaching container, Sunshine Temple is open for all who feel the call! Sunshine Temple is for women who are navigating sharing their gifts online, nurturing your femininity in integrity, and desiring daily support through inspirational audios, journal prompts, and daily voxer access to me. My coaching services have shifted to help serve those similarly in the entrepreneur world. I recognize owning your authenticity in this world can be difficult for some on their journeys. My containers also provide a safe space for alchemical art such as sharing poetry or written works. Our expressions during these sessions can be a form of transformational healing. I’m wholeheartedly ready to serve you on your faith walk. @destinesunshine_

If you know someone who might be interested in my coaching containers, my posts on IG or my free newsletter, be sure to let them know. I will link all my information below.

IreneCan folks connect with you to learn more about you/support you? If so, please drop your social media info down below!

Destine: I can’t wait to connect with you more deeply!

Instagram: @destinesunshine_

Email for newsletter:

Booking for 1:1 support:

Venmo: destine-kyubwa

IreneAnything else you want us to know about you or anything you want to share with the readers? Feel free to drop it down below!

Destine: Sweet love. Thank you for being here. I just want you to big up yourself in this moment because God knows you deserve it! You are not here by accident. God has a purpose for your life and those around you are beyond inspired by your light. This journey called life is a day by day phenomenon. I pray that whatever you’re building, longing for, or fighting brings you wisdom and peace. I love you for all that you are. 

Peace be upon you,

Xx Destine 

My goodness. It has been so rewarding to see Destine blossom into the ethereal being that she is today. I feel so refreshed learning more about her, and Destine, thank you so much for being so vulnerable in this special space! Your chosen words to define Blackness – rich and rooted – are some of my favorite words that I have heard thus far. I absolutely loved how you articulated these words in its relationship to Blackness. Melanin literally is derived from an amino acid – you are so right! ALSO can we just appreciate the fact that we were the FIRST to hear the wonderful news that you are going to be a published AUTHOR?? Thank you so much for sharing that incredible news with us! I am SO excited for your journey and you deserve every bit of the honor and fame that I know is coming your way. Please keep us posted on the book title so I can link it here!

Yall, I really hope you all have been having a blast and have been feeling enlightened by the featured folks of this month’s blog series thus far because I certainly have! Stay tuned for the NEXT beautiful Black person that I will be highlighting next SATURDAY for Part 4 of my Black Is Beautiful mini blog series!

Peace and love,


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