Black Is Beautiful – Blog Series Loading!

Hello, friends! Today marks the commencement of Black History Month! Every day is a celebration of Blackness, but in case yall forgot or didn’t acknowledge that — here you are! I have a VERY exciting blog series that I hope you all are ready for this month. Black is Beautiful is a mini blog series that I will be working on consisting of four special interviews from some of my favorite, most admired Black individuals that I have the privilege of knowing.

Stay tuned! Every Saturday in February, I will be showcasing a new person on my blog! They will be sharing why their Black is beautiful among other inspiring, amazing aspects of themselves. So tune in to show your support by stopping by my site to learn more about each one of these beautiful Black individuals!

I hope that this blog series is just another reminder that Black people are beautiful and deserve to be celebrated always. Once again, happy Black History Month! Go and support Black-owned businesses, buy us some lunch, Venmo us a monetary gift, and show us some love!

I am so thrilled to showcase these blog interviews with you all this month!

Peace and love,


*note: image was retrieved from here.

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